Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Johnocrypha: Starman - The TV Series, episodes 1-5

As a fun tie-in, over at The Super Saturday Short-Lived Showcase, Noel and his co-writer Tony are taking a look at this single season spinoff of Carpenter's classic film, where the role made famous by Jeff Bridges is now being filled by Robert Hays of the Airplane movies. As things get rolling, Starman reunites with his son, encounters woods filled with hunters, helps a catatonic Kenneth Tobey fix an airplane, fakes a UFO for Cletus Hogg, and runs into his dead body's best friend. All while being pursued by the most ineffectual government agent imaginable.

Episode 1 "The Return"
Episode 2 "Like Father, Like Son"
Episode 3 "Fatal Flaw"
Episode 4 "Blue Lights"
Episode 5 "Best Buddies"