Sunday, August 21, 2016

Masters of Carpentry Recommends: Over, by Jak Locke

Noel here. Jak Locke, the New Orleans-based performer who was kind enough to let us use his track "Black Rainbow" for our themes, recently released Over, a new album he describes as "nine tracks of brand new dark downtempo psychedelic spacey folk". I burned through the entire thing one night (a rarity given my free time these days) and was swept away by the wistful mourning as the tunes wandered through fading memories and failed dreams, backed by music setting a mood and style I think many a Carpenter fan will appreciate. Check out Jak's Bandcamp site, where you can purchase the album, individual tracks, or stream it all for free, as well as his multitude of prior albums and songs. And give his official website a look while you're at it for additional info on his films, music videos, prose, and live performances.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Long Box Carpentry #2: The Thing From Another World, Part 2

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A huge thank you to JD DeMotte for joining me as a co-host on this series. Follow him on Twitter, and check out his shows Comics Are Awesome! and From the Pages on YouTube.

Our theme music is "Black Rainbow" by Jak Locke.

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