Saturday, December 27, 2014

Masters of Carpentry #11: Escape from New York

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A huge thank you to Kevin O'Shea for joining us this episode. Follow him on Twitter.

This episode discusses Escape from New York (1981). IMDb. Wikipedia.

Our theme music is "Black Rainbow" by Jak Locke.

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Tony Williams said...

Another excellent episode! I was a little surprised by everyone's tepid response to it, but then again my own history with the film is a massive flip-flop. I loved it as a kid, watched it again in my 20s and thought it was dreadful, and then re-watched it a few years ago and loved it.

I honestly think it's one of those movie's that isn't quite what you remembered it being if you grew up with it. Maybe that's why I was cool on it during my first revisit of it.

NoelCT said...


It is interesting in the way it can just spectacularly hit with people at times, and just not click at all at others.

Question, as with us, how many of your viewings coincided with Escape from LA?

Tony Williams said...

I've actually never seen 'Escape from LA' (an oversight I soon hope to rectify). I have vivid memories of seeing the trailer and thinking that it looked a bit cheesy and tonally incongruent with the original.

Each off them seem to be products of their respective times.