Sunday, July 17, 2016

Masters of Carpentry #28: In the Mouth of Madness (1994)

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Tim Luz said...

Great episode.

This was the first Carpenter movie I got to see on the big screen in its original release, and I'm still a fan while being a bit more cognizant of its flaws: some of the make-up is clunky, the theme is a bit garbled, but most of all, once Trent gets out of Hobb's End (a nice reference to Quatermass and the Pit), there's not very much more for him to do but wander around until that great ending.

Speaking of which, I remember years reading an off-handed comment Carpenter made in some magazine, I wish could remember which, where he hinted that the script originally had a much bigger, special-effects filled ending that Michael De Luca, wearing his studio executive hat, wouldn't let them shoot due to budget restrictions. I've tried to find this draft but have only found the version with the psychiatrist ending. Have any of you heard anything about a different abandoned ending?

NoelCT said...

Thanks, Tim! Glad you enjoyed.

Yeah, I believe the ending you're referring to wasn't so much different from what ended up on screen as it was bigger in scale, showing more sights of horror as Trent wanders the aftermath before coming across the theater instead of leaving that largely off screen. Alas, this is one of the few New Line discs from the era of its release to not include the final shooting script as part of that great "script to screen" dvd-rom feature they used to do. Would have been neat to compare to the draft we have.